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< DDS />|Data and Digital Solutions leverages the power of data and digital technologies to improve systems, optimize processes, and achieve bigger impact. Our two-pronged projects in the pipeline include:

I. Inclusive Quality Education

i)EmpowerEd Digital Library is a digital collection of high-quality learning resources across disciplines for pre-schoolers, primary, secondary, and tertiary students, as well as for teachers and parents.

ii) Agila Academy is a repository of world-class online classes from pre-school to graduate school.

iii) We help secondary students from the provinces prepare for the entrance exams of the top state universities in the country. The learning materials are also used for remedial classes for those who need them.

iv) We build mini-libraries in orphanages.

II. Improving Systems

i)We help sponsor hackathons that bring together excellent developers who build innovative apps that would help improve systems and make public services and development inclusive.

ii) We gather data-analyst volunteers to help mission-driven organizations achieve greater impact by analyzing their data and creating visualizations.

iii) We build websites for schools in the provinces, mission-driven organizations, and small-scale entrepreneurs.

In conjuction with the efforts of other mission-driven organizations, these are our micro-steps to help our government achieve its higher goals-- to build an egalitarian society where the majority of our human capital are educated/skilled and economically empowered middle-class; to fix systems; and for us to finally graduate from developing to developed economy.

How you can help:

I. Inclusive Quality Education

i) For parents, the best thing we can do is to cultivate a culture of reading and learning at home by reading with our kids before bed. It takes a village to raise a child but everything starts at home. As they say, when the student is ready, the teachers will come.

i) For volunteers, you can read a short story/poem for our young learners to build a reading habit and to foster love of learning. Record it and send it to

ii) Make a five-to-ten-minute tutorial in any subject that you are interested in and good at.

iii) Create a structured tutorial lessons in math, science, reading, IT, health, accounting, economics, agriculture, psychology, and other areas. We accept written modules or a series of seven-minute recorded tutorials.

iv) Gather high quality learning materials in pdf format or videos (please ask for permission from the owner if you do not own them).

Please send the materials to These resources will be posted on our website, twitter, and facebook page for our learners who have gadgets and internet access. For our learners who lack resources and internet access, the same materials will be saved in tablets/VCDs/memory sticks and will be sent to municipal and school libraries and orphanages in our pilot provinces and then later across the country when we scale up.

These will only take a few minutes of your time and you can make a big difference in our learners’ lives. Let it be your Christmas present for our compatriots who do not have the privileges and comfort that you enjoy. Let’s collaborate on giving them a level playing field and a chance to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their full potential.

II. Improving Systems

i) To the talented people out there who are endowed with powers to make sense of data, help us help mission-driven organizations improve systems and make bigger impact by analyzing their data and creating visualizations.

ii) To Full-Stack Web Developers with good hearts, join us in helping schools in the provinces, mission-driven organizations, and small-scale entrepreneurs improve their online presence by building their websites.

Sign up now and sprinkle some pixie dust!

Merci beaucoup!!!


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